Blessed Lands Egypt – The year is now, but things are very different. Ancient Egypt never became ancient. Libyans, Nubians and Assyrians never invaded. The Thirtieth Dynasty repelled the Persians in 343 BC. and Egypt entered a long period of expansion. Syria, Greece and all of Africa conquered. Rome fell before it truly began. Most of Europe and Parts of Asia were absorbed. Egypt became the dominant country from the 18th through the 20th century. The Blessed Lands embraced peace after a long bloody war with the Cursed Lands across the Atlantic Ocean. Life for most Egyptians was good.

In an alternate historical timeline, Priest Honute, a former warrior, wants to live a quiet peaceful life. He is chosen by a brilliant scientist to partake in an experiment that will grant him magickal powers. The Vizier of The Middle Region, Friend of the Royal Family wants to control this power. Honute struggles to control his internal rage and only wants inner peace.


Ayruyi looked up with tears in her eyes. She saw the miracle. Her master healed Akila in witness to her eyes. She repositioned herself and knelt in front of Honute. “Oh, Master Honute, Healing Priest, I bow to you my humble form and give you my life. I witnessed the miracle of power and you are my living god, the embodiment of Ra, Horus, Osiris, Pharaoh.” She started giggling. It was slow and soft, then built up to a frightening hysteria of laughter. She tore her clothes off in a crazed possessed way and rubbed Akila’s blood over her body. She screamed out, “I am witness to a new god.

Glory be to the mighty Master Honute. Honute-Ra I say! Honute-Ra!”

Honute was shocked. He grabbed at Ayruyi’s thrashing body as it tried to cover itself in blood.

She screamed again. “Honute-Ra! Honute-Ra! I am your slave. Command me.” She laughed wildly and embraced Honute in a passionate hold. She sobbed and laughed and giggled and moaned and rubbed herself against him. She screamed out loud again as she reached an orgasm. Its intensity enveloped her in a crash of intense convulsions. It peaked within seconds and she blacked out.

Honute sat there holding a passed out Ayruyi, who was moaning and giddy at the same time.

Akila knelt beside him. “Is she all right?”

He nodded. Then the realization hit him. Ayruyi’s reaction may not be so unusual. It hit him harder. Suppose others react the same way. His mind raced and he felt dizzy. “Oh Thoth, what have you done!”

Akila looked at Honute and said, “What do you mean?”

He placed his blood covered hand to his forehead. “All is lost. They’re going to treat me like a god. This is going to be a curse.”

Then it hit Akila. Honute was right. The other shoe just dropped.