J Carrell Jones

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Erotica, Action-Adventure, Thrillers, Drama

Looking for some exciting space opera, fantasy, romance, or horror?  

J Carrell Jones studies people. His major in college was Anthropology before switching over to Computer Science and Information Technology. He worked in Customer Support Services for many years, which gave him more opportunity in putting his understanding of people to good practical use. As a US Army veteran, he knows how to play hard and work tough. Nowadays, he gets his greatest joy in life by raising his brilliant young daughter, and writing. He lives in Southern California where the weather is mostly great with his wife, daughter, female cat, and one female Guinea pigs.

Speed Art Poster video - 1.5 hours compressed to 6 minutes. The GRIDSHIPs Reginald L Johnson and the Daniel Webster race to escape from a black hole




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