Kenneth A. Strickland

Sci-fi, Fantasy

Looking for alternate history, science fiction, alien and mutant encounters?

Kenneth Strickland was born in 1958, a very good year because he showed up! He has a love for science fiction although he hasn't read everyone others say he should, he enjoys it greatly. He is a grad of Westchester High School in Los Angeles, enjoys history, auto racing and animation. (No, he doesn't know the words to Let it Go...) Loves art, and loves taking the bus to the end of the line to see where it goes.
He loves cooking, cars and music. He has studied comedy and film and animation and is working with a professional friend to produce a web series. He has worked in retail, and as a security guard (most boring!). Generally speaking, I like you when I meet you. Enjoys being a nerd. My first book was a joy to write, and I hope you enjoy it.

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