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A creationist would tell you God created the Heaven, Earth, the skies above it, and everything beyond. God created Humans in His image. We are here to serve, not command.
An Evolutionist may say the Universe was created with a flash bang and that Earth is a small part of a bigger picture. We are here to insure the perpetuity of the species. We think, therefore we are.
Steve Launse thought it all academic. To him, God was a device that drove Humans to achieve. We advanced because we needed to believe. We had to believe and thus we grew. We created God, who created us.
Then, one day, the Government knocked at his door and handed him a blank check. “You can prove your theory,” they said. “I don’t play with Human emotions,” he said. They answered, “We are not talking about Humans.”

Decisions. A blank check. No restraint. No limits. What does one do?


Mos looked up. He rose and smiled at Kiri. She was nearly his height, just a tad bit smaller, but quick. She was a good hunter and knew all the great places for hiding and trapping small animals. They talked often about how the food basket appeared in the night and past memories of strange hairless faces – like the face of God. One night they stayed awake the entire time piecing together fragmented memories of a strange building and strange Gemps teaching them to speak. They both remembered the day it happened. No more big room, no more strange tall Gemps, or the ones that moved strangely. They felt very sleepy and clumsy. Then they woke up and found themselves in the village. She was frightened at first, but it was Mos who told her it would be okay. She believed him then. He was right. They learned how to make tools for hunting and how to make fire. Then the Elder appeared, short and different looking. He couldn’t talk with his mouth but with his hands. He taught them hand language and ‘said’ it was important to try and use spoken and hand talk at the same time. He talked of a word that never had a sound. It was a right hand “G” pointing to the sky then drawn down as an open palm near one’s chest. She wondered about the word because the Elder used it often. Today she learned how to pronoun it. “G-O-D.”