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No Justice, No Peace: A Cautionary Tale is a story that details what MacHutchens believes is the only way to break a nearly four hundred year American tradition of whites murdering Blacks without consequence. In his own words, he says, "This has to be the only means of African Americans to finally achieve the same measure of justice whites have enjoyed since they embarked on the genocide of the continent's native peoples. Were there any other possible way, it would have happened by now."



INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 30, 2017, Author Myron MacHutchens reveals in his explosive seminal work, No Justice, No Peace: A Cautionary Tale, the path to halting the unrelenting murder of innocent and unarmed African Americans by cops in United States. He states, “Were there any other possible way, it would have happened by now.” MacHutchens has provided a defense of his thesis of such scholarly precision that it would pass muster at any of the nation’s top colleges or universities.


MacHutchens begins the story with a scene all too familiar in America, an innocent black man lays dead in the street at the hands of a police officer who shot him for no better reason than the color of his skin. This scenario plays out in a manner so often detailed in American media, that its commonality now fails to raise eyebrows at all. He then provides events that lead to the first moratorium from black men, women, and children being shot and killed since 1619, when blacks from Africa were first brought to the continent. He lays the continued murder of blacks at the feet of those responsible; the United States Department of Justice, every level of law enforcement, prosecutors across the nation, and judges complicit in the murders the play the universal get out of jail free card for white police officers and civilians: “I feared for my life.”


No Justice, No Peace: A Cautionary Tale is not an easy read. As one reviewer wrote, “This book will challenge your humanity.” The cure, per se, is Biblical where the sins of the father are borne by the family, is Jeffersonian by the statement, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” and is unrelenting from the first page to the story’s ironic conclusion.


Reading No Justice, No Peace: A Cautionary Tale will evoke strong feelings no matter one’s politics or race. It is truly a tale ripped from the headlines of today and deserves to start the discussion about why the greatest country in the world’s society still fosters the slow genocide of 15% of its population. The question remains: does America have the will to address the nearly 400 years of murder without consequence before someone gets the notion to take matters into their own hands to stop America’s murder of Blacks by cop.