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Michael John Stone hadn’t known his mother fell in love with a man from another world.
Then, one day, the man disappeared and life moved forward.
Decades later, the man, and his planet, needed Michael.

On a world where his very existence was illegal, Michael discovered what he truly valued. His father discovered the depths of self-delusion and both struggled against powerful enemies to reveal the rings that bind together their souls – the soulmage within.

Father and son stopped short of the royal couple. Valegen stepped behind Ralt. Urgess stepped to the king’s right, Gherrict to the queen’s left. Urgess gave Michael a warning with his eyes. “Your Majesties,” Urgess said gesturing toward Michael and Ralt, “may I introduce to you Mikal Jon Ston-Petron of Earth and his son Ralton Jon Ston-Petron. Ralton is eleven standard years of age.” He looked nervously at Mikal. “Mikal Jon, these are their majesties. Your King and father, Thail Marius Petron, and his Queen and wife Uasar Asue Petron of the planet Aboria.”
Mikal sucker punched Thail, breaking the king’s jaw. The king attempted to get up only to receive a kick to the ribs, breaking some. Gherrict and Urgess rushed and held him back. That was all he was going to get as they pinned his arms behind him. Valegen took Ralt away and closed his eyes sadly. He knew something like this was going to happen.
The queen stared at Mikal. “Why? Why do this?”
“He wasn’t man enough to come talk to me himself! He sends these two.” Mikal tilted his head toward Gherrict, “to come ruin my name and make it so I had no choice about coming on this trip. He endangers my son, and trashed my reputation… FOR WHAT!? I had a life, damn it, and he had no right to do me like that!” Gherrict and Urgess dragged Mikal off as attendants picked up the dazed king and took him to the sick bay. “What did you do to deserve him?!”