The Most High Goddess Project


The Most High Goddess News publication will be a hybrid fictional-nonfictional publication. The Most High Goddess is a Wicca-based religion/organization in the far future. It's set in the fictional world of the GRID Traveler book series.

In the alternate near future, Earth is pelted by a meteor cluster swarm that occurs once every 60+ millions years. Earth had about 100 years to prepare for this civilization ending event. All the nations of the world banned together and created giant space stations kilometers in diameter, known as RINGS. The Rings were governed by the United Nations department GRID, Governing Ring Independence Division. Through the years, the Wiccan group The Most High secretly managed to power grab GRID Command and other governing bodies on different colonized worlds. The Most High had been obsessed with finding the origins of Magick. During the GRID Traveler Trinity (aka Trilogy) the planet Necron, home to a race of uber brilliant beings, who used nanotechnology to create a world of "magic" users, was discovered. 

The Most High Goddess News Magazine will be a collection of character interviews (from the GRID Traveler series and other writers' and authors' stories/books), science fiction/fantasy and fact based articles on things from ships, weapons, equipment, travel, worlds, crew and societal life (futuristic and medieval). Articles on any and everything Wicca/Wicca-based/Religious/Fantasy Sword and Sorcery will be included, plus reviews on Anime movies, series, games, Manga, and RPG games. Puzzles and RPG Maps may be included. Cosplay gallery and serialized comics also. Please see submission guidelines.

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We are currently looking at two formats:

Newsprint Tabloid 11 x 14 inch. 

Newsprint Broadsheet about 14 x 19 inch.