Advertisement Rates for The Most High Goddess News Publication

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The Most High Goddess News publication is be a collection of character interviews (from the GRID Traveler series and other writers' and authors' stories/books), science fiction/fantasy and fact based articles on things from ships, weapons, equipment, travel, worlds, crew and societal life (futuristic and medieval). Articles on any and everything Wicca/Wicca-based/Religious/Fantasy Sword and Sorcery will be included, plus reviews on Anime movies, series, games, Manga, and RPG games. Puzzles and RPG Maps may be included. Cosplay gallery and serialized comics also. If you are interested in submitting work to publish, please see submission guidelines.

Ad deadline: 5th of every month (For example, June 5th is the deadline for the August publication). Seasonal ad deadline is three months before the season. (For example, a Christmas ad must be submitted and paid for by September 5th.

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The print formats:

Slick glossy cover and page 8.5 x 11 inch saddle staple back

Newsprint Tabloid 11 x 14 inch.