Mythical Legends Submission Guidelines

For Manuscripts, Illustrators, Artists, and Designers

For specific TACHYON NODE Submissions, please visit HERE.

We are looking for well thought out fiction with plot and character development. By the time you send your manuscript to us the story should have been fully vetted. We can not help you develop your story. We trust you, as the author, to have written something awesome – or at least something you love. All genres will be considered.

General Information

1. Electronic submissions ONLY: PDF for written material. JPG for illustrations/Artwork/Designs.

2. Send electronic submissions to: with and CC’ed.

3. All authors/illustrators/artists/designers offered a contract are required to have a blog (through Goodreads or otherwise) or other Social Media access (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). They are expected to help promote their book(s). Click here for a sample contract.

4. Please read Guidelines for Manuscript submissions


Email submissions only – Provide a short introduction in the body of your email. Include each of the following as a separate attachment:

Cover letter.

Include genre, audience age, and content level (rating: G, PG, PG-13, 18+, etc.), marketing/promotion ideas/plans, and if an artist is needed. Please limit to two pages.

Book Blurb, One-liner, and Summary of complete book.

Collapse your story to one sentence.

Write a half-page summary of your story.

Write a book blurb


Include the entire manuscript

Naming convention of attachments.

  • Title of manuscript – cover letter
  • Title of manuscript – Blurb_One-line_Synopsis
  • Title of manuscript – submission

Format the manuscript as follows:

  • Double spaced with paragraph indented.
  • Only ONE space after periods.
  • Font should be Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, etc. Nothing fancy.
  • Font size 12.
  • One inch margin all around.
  • Use tabs to indent paragraphs.

First page: Top left corner –

  • Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Email address
  • Phone Number

All other pages:

Top and centered –

Author last name, Title of book, Page number

Example: Jones Blessed Lands Egypt 6


  • All illustrators and designers are paid in royalties.
  • Acceptance of illustrator or designer is NOT guaranteed.
  • Electronic submissions are expected. All components must be sent as an email attachment in PDF, JPG, DOC, or PNG.
  • Send electronic submissions to
  • Like a book submission, it may take up to three months to review all submissions.

Guidelines for submissions

  • Email message should only include a short introduction
  • Subject line must include your name and “Illustrator/designer submission”
  • The following should be attached to the email:
    • Cover letter should include: preferred medium, training, published work, references, awards (if any) and marketing/promotion plan. No more than two pages.
    • rovide professional quality illustrations